SSI Registration/ MSME Registration

wELCOME TO SSI Registration

An SSI is known as Small Scale Industries. To registering an management as SSI will designate the organization to different benefits. We are the SSI registration provider in Coimbatore.

Advantages of Registering

  •   Credit prescription (Priority sector lending), differential rates of interest etc.

  •   Excise Exemption Scheme

  •   Exemption under Direct Tax Laws.

  •   Statutory support such as reservation and the Interest on Delayed Payments Act.

The Excise Law, Banking Laws and the Direct Taxes Law have integrated the word SSI in their dispensation notifications. The SSI registration certificate is provided by the registering authority

Objectives of the Registration Scheme

  •   To specify and manage a roll of small industries to which the package of incentives and assists are targeted.

  •   To prepare a certificate validating the units to utilize statutory benefits mainly in terms of protection.

  •   To serve the purpose of collection of statistics.

  •   To create nodal centres at the Centre, State and District levels to promote SSI.


MSME Registration

A MSME known as micro small and medium enterprises.Where any enterprises come under these categories can apply for registration. The MSME registration that drop under the MSMED act that promote and develop an enterprise and improve it performs. Any category of enterprises can handle this MSME registration. There are two types of registration in MSME they are provincial and permanent. A pre -investment stage an enterprise is granted for registration. After registering your provincial then you can apply for permanent registration. We are MSME registration provider in Coimbatore.

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