Limited Liability Partnership

LLP Registration in Coimbatore

Solubilis Corporate Services LLP can assist you to register a Limited Liability Partnership Company and will give the detailed explanation about LLP Registration Process in Coimbatore. We offer our Services in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka.

Limited Liability partnership is a body corporate formed and incorporated under the Act and its legal entity is separated from its partners. Being a separate legal entity, an LLP is capable of entering into contracts and holding in its own name. Further, LLP can sue or be sued in its own name.

Unlike partnership firms, in the ordinary course of business, the individual asset of the partners shall not be subject to any risk which is being attached on account of acts of an LLP or other partners

OPC are not proprietorship concerns, hence, they give a dual entity to the company as well as the individual, guarding the individual against any pitfalls of liabilities. This is the fundamental difference between OPC and sole proprietorship.

Once the name reserved by the registrar fill up the form 2 (Incorporation Document) and digitally sign by partner and also digitally statutory fee payable up on Incorporation of a Liability Partnership. Solubilis Provides LLP Registration services in Coimbatore at affordable cost. Solubilis is the India's fastest company registration service provider.




  • LLP in which all the partners are bodies corporate.
  • LLP in which one or more partners are individuals and bodies corporate.
  • The liability of each partner has been limited to the contribution mode.


  • The minimum requirement of partners to incorporate an LLP is 2. There is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners of LLP.
  • There should be a minimum of two designated partners who can be individuals and at least one of them should be a resident of India.

Advantages Of LLP

Unlike Traditional partnership firms, under LLP, a liability of the partners shall be limited (to the extent of the agreed contribution).
No partner shall be liable on account of the independent or unauthorized acts of the partners.
The formation cost is very low when compared to other business structure such as private limited company registration.
The partners are very independent since they can decide the terms of partnership just like the partnership firm.
The cost of maintenance and the compliances are much lower compared with a private limited company.

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