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Solubilis offerslegal metrology certification in fast and cost effective method in Coimbatore. Legal metrology certification in Coimbatore concentrates onwhich treats units of weighment and measurement, methods weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments Legal metrology certification ensure the perfect measurement and quantity offering from the service.All the measurement instruments are coming under this legal metrology certification. Small errorss and large number of measurements are formulating with the legal metrology certification. Speed meter, kilogram measurement and other measurements are need its accuracy. Legal metrology certification monitor the perfect consumption and issuing of products in the right way. quality, money and grade all are monitoring with this legal metrology certification.

Legal metrology certification follows the legal metrology acts, rules for the business undertaking manufacturers, dealer, repackers and so on. Legal metrology certyification is inspect by the certain government inspector of the legal metrology and they stamping the trade and its relating measurement then only the legal metrology certification offering to the trader and other manufacturer and delaers.under sec.23 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009. no person shall make, manufacturer, repair, sell any weight or measure unless he holds a valid licenceImport and export business needs the legal metrology certification for the well development of the business.

Consumer compliant is essential one for the department of the legasl metrology and it easily affect the certification. To propose the complaint lodge a complain in the Office of Controller of Legal Metrology, Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology and in the Office of Inspector of Legal Metrology of the concerned District/ Sub- Division.a person cannot use any unverified & unstamped weights &measure in any circumstances. He must use only weights & measures duly verified and stamped by the Legal Metrology Department.


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