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Solubilis offering Private limited company registration or PVT LTD company registration in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Salem, Madurai and Trichy. Private limited company is one of the best company registration options in India. It is a private entity privately owned by two or more partners. Financial liabilities are limited one in the private limited company registration. Perpetual existence, secure frame on the personal liabilities and resolving on the personal assets are the primary benefits of the private limited company registration. Private limited company registration proves it is a legal entity there is no minimal requirement is fixing to initiate the PVT LTD company registration. Directors and shareholders are totally distinguished from this legal form of business entity. Profits and loss are belongs to the company and the shareholders are equally bear all these consequence of the business. Maximum 200 members and minimum 2 members is the simple requirement for the starting of the private limited company registration in India. Private limited company registration is not allowed to issue its shares to the general public. A private limited company registration need to follow the procedures of company name, total number of members, director list, company formation and board meetings. Companies Act, 2013 is the prescribed norm following for every company registration in India. Clients need to spend little time in filling the online company registration form. Solubilis core team scrutinizes the form and load the details into the MCA portal and get the Private Limited Company registration in record time.

The key advantage of registering a Private limited company is the fact that you will no longer be personally liable for any debts incurred during the course of business. If you intend to deal with large organizations, they may require you to register a company before they sign any contracts.


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Private Limited Company Registration:

We have a range of Private limited companies registration & formation packages to suit business needs, and they start from just 17,500, with no hidden charges.

Forming a private Limited company is swift and simplified with Solubilis, and our fees are lowest among others. We cut out all the expensive solicitors, and deal directly with Registrar of Companies to ensure the incorporation of a private limited company in the fastest possible time.

We have a range of Private limited companies registration packages to suit your business needs, and it starts from just 13,000, with no hidden charges.

When your private company is formed, we will give you all the legal documentation from the authorities, including the certificate of incorporation, MoA (Memorandum of association) and AoA (Articles of Association). If you're unsure what kind of company you would like to register, our experts of company formation consultants are available to advise. Talk to us today and let us help you get your private company registered, at low costs. If you need any assistance with company formation, you can also speak to our formation advisors between 9.30am-7.00pm Monday to Saturday by dialling+91 78 1000 1000, +91 78 1000 1200.

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