Logo Registration

Logo Registration in Coimbatore

The Logo registration procedure will typically involve an initial application submission for the logo or design to be registered. A search will then be conducted by the Trademark Agent to ensure the Logo is not the same or confusingly similar to other registered Logo. A logo is published for a reasonable period of time allowing for the opposition of the trademark registration to be heard. Your logo must be "distinctive".

Seek advice from a consultant who knows about your business to ensure your logo is acceptable. Note that trademark registration of a logo does not necessarily protect verbal elements. Generally, it is advisable to prioritize registration of your logo as that is primarily used to identify you and your products.

A logo is a significant one which differentiates your business from your competitors and creates a very good impression. Logo registration at a right place with the right people provides the timely service. Being a creative one, know exactly how our logo needs to convey our product. It identifies and establishes your brand in the minds of the consumers. When you incorporate your company name with the relevant slogan into your logo design makes the consumer get a clear picture of the association.

Logo showcases the company’s personality and creates an image of speed and efficiency. An eye-catching logo differentiates your site from your competitors. Logo registration is an essential task when you want to run a business with a unique identity and exclusive rights. Solubilis corporate services are there to support and guide you to complete the logo registration process successfully.


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