One Person Company Registration

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OPC structure would be similar to that of a proprietorship concern without the ills generally faced by the proprietors. One most important feature of OPC is that the risk mitigated is limited to the extent of the value of shares held by such person in the company. This would enable entrepreneurial minded persons to take the risks of doing business without the botheration of litigation and liabilities getting attached to the personal assets.

Under the Companies Act, 2013, currently two persons are required to form a private limited company. This forces the entrepreneur to find yet another like minded person with whom he will be able to do business. He is also required to share the business information with another person without the guarantee of business secrecy and commitment. Such a situation quite often de-motivates the entrepreneurial minded persons from venturing into a business.


In OPC (One Person Company) the business head is the decision maker, he is not dependent on others for suggestions or implementation of suggestions etc., resulting in quicker and easier decision making. He is the sole person who runs the business and hence, the question of consensus or majority opinion etc., does not arise.

Business currently run under the proprietorship model could get converted into OPCs without any difficulty.

OPCs require minimum capital be beginning with. Being a recognized corporate, could well raise capital from others like venture capital financial institutions etc., thus graduating to a private limited or public limited company under the companies Act, 2013.

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Solubilis Corporate Services LLP, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, offers OPC - One Person Company Registration services in Chennai Services as per OPC Registration Process and Procedure in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

characteristics of OPCs

  • Desire for personal freedom that allows the Professional skilled person to adopt the business of his choice.
  • Personality driven passion and implementation of a business plan.
  • The desire of the entrepreneurial person to take extra risk and willingness to take additional responsibility.
  • Personal commitment to the business which is a sole idea of the person and close to his heart.
  • It is run by individual yet OPCs are a spar rate legal entity similar to that of any registered corporate.


OPCs would provide the start-up entrepreneurs and professional the much needed flexibility in setting up a business in India without losing the professional control over the business idea for the professional.
OPCs provide the much required freedom to the professional who would like to come out of the shackles of big corporate and be independent.
OPC provides an outlet for the entrepreneurial impulses among the professional.
The advantages of limited liability. The most significant reason for shareholders to incorporate the single person company is certainly the desire for the limited liability.
OPC are not proprietorship concerns, hence, they give a dual entity to the company as well as the individual, guarding the individual against any pitfalls of liabilities. This is the fundamental difference between OPC and sole proprietorship.
Unlike a private limited or public limited company (listed or unlisted), OPCs (One Person Company) need not bother too much about compliances.

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