Company name under the section 20 of the companies act 1956

Company name under the act

Company name is pointed out as an earlier process under the section 20 of the companies act 1956. The company or business name is subject to the restrictions under this act 1956. The emblems and names are prevention of improper use under the act 1950. The guiding principles in this relation of the department of company law administration. Afterwards a company may change their registration name of a company. This change of its directly under the head. So, company registration process getting its essentiality. The relevant provisions have been discussed in this act.


The directive of every company must state the following districts. Under the section 13 of the companies act 1956. The name of the company with “Limited” as the last word in the name. Where it is a public company with the name “Limited” as the last word. The company or business name is specified ” Private Limited“. Where it is a private limited company. Business registration vary from the choice of the business admin

The state in which the registered office of the company is placed to form.

The objects of a company have registered directly. In the case of a company in existence instantly. Before the convocation of the companies act 1965.

In the case of a company formation under the companies act 1956. After such convocation is to formed in this act.

The major objects of the company are to be pursued. Because of the company is on their registration. The objects coincidental or ancillary to the realization of his objects. The major objects of a company or business in the name have proper registrations.


The more objects of a company are not incorporated in clause (I). The company incorporation with the name is to be registered under this act.

In case of companies more than trading business with objects. The name of a company has a business to start their company registration in Coimbatore. Thus not confined to one state. The state to which provinces with the objects are enhanced in a company.