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The VAT is known as Value Added Tax. The tax is to form an indirect tax which is placed on the products or services of different point of manufacturing. The producer who can pay the tax to the government and the cost is moved to the consumer. Finally the consumer who can pay the VAT. The VAT applies in the business like Importers, Manufacturers, Retailers, , Wholesalers, Distributors, Works Contractors, and Lessors.

A sales tax is collected at the moment of the purchase of the products or services. This tax is easily calculated. The consumer is to know how much to pay for this tax. The sales tax is collected at the time of purchase from the consumer and given to the seller.


Registration under Act: When Mandatory?

Service Tax registration is a part of gross turnover. Once the turnover of the appraise covers a entry limit of Rs 9 Lakhs. It is compulsory to registered the service provider under the act. Once the turnover crosses Rs 10 Lakhs it is compulsory to charge service tax on the provider.

VAT (Value Added Tax) registration is mandatory for dealers receiving turnover exceeding Rs 5 Lakhs (or increased limit of Rs 10 Lakhs in some states).On registration, such dealer is allocate a unique 11 digit TIN (Taxpayer's Identification Number).

CST (Central Sales Tax) registration is not defenceless on amount of turnover. Easily put, registration of dealer becomes mandatory once he changes an inter-state sale.

Vat Registration in Coimbatore Sales Tax in Coimbatore Vat Registration in Coimbatore Sales Tax in Coimbatore

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