GST latest updates on tax rates – GST Registration in Coimbatore

GST Registration in Coimbatore– Latest updates on tax rates is what we are going to be discussed here.

GST council made the most awaited announcement about the tax rates on various categories in the month of 18th January 2018. There has been hype around these rates for a while and now these rates are finally in the public domain.

GST rates already have created a huge wave of curiosity across the trade bodies and industry when it got announced. Everyone is evaluating their position as a result of this change.

Note that exemptions, rate changes and other proposals made shall be given effect once the notifications are issued for the same.

Key decisions are taken in the 25th council meet:


  • Cancellation of registration by voluntary registrants can be applied before the expiry of 1 year from the date of registration.
  • Late fee reduction:
    • For GSTR-1, GSTR-5, GSTR-5A, and GSTR-6, the late fee has been reduced to Rs.50 per day.
    • If the Nil return is filed for GSTR-1, GSTR-5, GSTR-5A, the late fee has been reduced to Rs.20 per day.
  • On the successful implementation of e-way bills, the e-way bill portal has been shifted to
  • Recommendations which are made by the handicraft committee have been accepted by the council. The rate considerations will be worked out later.
  • GST rates for 29 goods and 53 services have been reduced.

GST rate changes for goods:


Nil rated goods:

  • Parts and accessories for the manufacturing of hearing aids.
  • Vibhuti
  • De-oiled rice bran.

Rate changes from 28% to 18%:

  • Old and the used motor vehicle (medium, large cars, and SUVs) with a condition that no input tax credit is availed.
  • Public transport buses which run on biofuel.

Rates reduced from 28% to 12%:

For an old and the used motor vehicle (other than the medium and the large cars and SUVs) with a condition that no input tax credit is availed.

Rates reduced from 18% to 12%:

  • Biodiesel
  • Drinking water in 20 liters bottles.
  • Biodiesel.
  • Mechanical sprayer.
  • Fertilizer grade phosphoric acid
  • A certainly listed bio-pesticides
  • Bamboo wood building joinery
  • Drip irrigation system includes the sprinklers, laterals.

Rates reduced from 18% to 5%:

  • Consumables and raw materials needed for launch satellites, vehicles, and payloads (both CGST and IGST rates).
  • Mehendi paste in cones.
  • Tamarind kernel powder.

Rates reduced from 12% to 5%:

  • Velvet fabric (with a condition that no refund has been claimed on ITC).
  • Articles of esparto, straw or of other plaiting materials.

Rates reduced from 3% to 0.25%:

  • Diamonds and
  • Precious stones.

Rates increased from 12% to 18%:

Cigarette filters rods.

Rates increased from 0% to 5%:

Rice bran oil

Compensation cess has been reduced to 0% for the following motor vehicles:


  • Old and the used motor vehicles (medium and the large sized cars) with a condition that no input tax credit is availed.
  • Old and the used motor vehicles (other than medium and large cars and SUVs) with a condition that no input tax credit been availed.
  • A vehicle which is cleared as an ambulance (i.e. it should have all the necessary accessories in the ambulance).
  • 10-13 seater buses and the ambulances with the specified conditions.

GST rate changes for services:

  • GST rate at 5% on the small housekeeping service providers which is notified under the section 9(5) of the act provides the housekeeping services through ECO without availing the input tax credit.
  • GST rate of 28% on the actionable claim in the form of a chance to win in gambling, betting which also includes horse racing.

Reduction rates:

28% to 18%:

Services by way of admission to water parks, joy rides, theme parks, merry-go-rounds, go-karting and ballet

18% to 12%:

  • Transportation of petroleum crude and products with ITC credit.
  • Monorail and the metro projects (construction, commissioning or installation of original works).
  • Work contract services by the sub-contractor to the main contractor under the following scenario:
    • The main contractor provides the work contract services to the central government, union territory, state government, a local authority, a government authority or a government entity at the rate of 12%.
  • GST rate for sub-contract services to the main contractor would attract 5% where the main contractor provides services to the state government, central government, a local authority, union territory, a government entity or a government authority at the rate of 5%.
  • Common effluent treatment plants services for the treatment of effluents.
  • Mining or exploration services of petroleum crude and the natural gas. Drilling services in respect of the said goods.

18% to 5%:

  • Without ITC credit, transportation of petroleum crude and products.
  • Tailoring services.
  • Job work services for the manufacturing of leather goods.

Exempted services list and the related changes:


  • Legal services provided to the local authority, government, governmental entity, and authority.
  • Transportation of goods from India to a place outside India by air or sea until 30th September 2018.
  • Dollar-denominated services provided by financial intermediaries located in IFSC SEZ, which have been deemed to be outside India under the various regulations by IRDAI, RBI, SEBI or any financial regulatory authority to a person outside India.
  • Pure services provided to a government entity by a Panchayat or municipality. Composite supply involves the predominant supply of services (i.e. up to 25% of the supply of goods) are also exempted.
  • Lease of land:
    • By local authority or government to a governmental authority or government entity.
    • Supply as a part of the specified composite supply of construction of flats etc.
  • Admission to or conduct of examination provided to all the educational institutions including any service of conducting the entrance examinations on a collection of entrance fees.
  • Reinsurance schemes with respect to the following schemes:
    • General insurance business provided under the schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna and others listed in the notification 12/2017 – CGST rate.
    • Life insurance business provided under the schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and others listed in the notification 12/2017-CGST rate.
  • Services by way of fumigation in a warehouse of agricultural produce.
  • Services of admission to the planetarium where consideration charged are below Rs.500.
  • Subscription of online educational periodicals/journals by educational institutions that provide degree which is recognized by any law.
  • Renting of transport vehicles to a person providing services of transportation to an educational institution (students, faculty, and staff) provides education up to higher secondary or equivalent.

Changes in the exemption limits in the following cases:


  • The exemption limit of Rs.5000 per month per member in respect of the services which is provided by resident welfare association (unincorporated or non-profit entity) to its members against their individual contribution that is enhanced to Rs.7500.
  • The exemption limit of the amount of the cover of Rs.50, 000 which is enhanced to Rs.2 lakhs in respect of services of life insurance business provided under life microinsurance product approved by IRDAI.
  • The exemption limit of Rs.250 for services that all theatrical performances like music, drama, orchestra, dance, folk or classical arts and all the other activities in any Indian language in theatre increased 500 per person.
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