Start-up of a Private Limited Company

Start-up of a Private Limited Company:

Start-up of a Private Limited Company included with One Person Company and Partnership Company. One Person Company is under the control of the single owner. If they wish they may appoint the directors but they did not acquire any more powers. It must have the limited turnover while it extends more than two crores it can be easily convert to a Partnership concern.

In the partnership concern, it never modifies to the One Person Company. If the turnover of the Private limited Company has the status of offering it shares to the public. In the meantime, start-up of a Private Limited Company requires lot of documentation and additional registration documents.

Start-up of a Private Limited Company registration in India

Conditions and legalities suitable for Start-up Private Limited Companies:

In India, Private limited entities are one of the most preferred modes of Business types. Even the new start-up companies which may cross the turn over more than two crores or future consideration of their business growth advised to start-up a new Private Limited Company. Either two or more than two until 15 members of partners required to start-up a Partnership private limited or Private Limited Company. Indeed, have all such board members at least single member of a group must be an Indian and resides in India.

Apart from that other person may from the foreign countries. In fact, the two members who are start-up a Private Limited Company required a natural person. This person should act as a part of the business company. The other person may or may not involve in the business activities. More than that, the applying company must be situated in India. Notably, a huge business entity who comes under the Private Limited Company allows adding the company members up to 200. The only condition of the start-up companies they prohibited to sell their shares to the public.


Start-up procedure of a Private Limited Company:

At the time of start-up a new company whether it is a Private Limited Category or Public Limited Company all type of entities must check their name availability in the public data base. It is a common portal where all the name availability listed. It is the mandatory portal to check the names before applying the name. Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, govern this government portal to ease the name choosing process and avoid further legal issues especially on the name choosing process in a new start-up company.

Digital Signature Process:

Commonly, Digital Signature is the particular process followed to fulfil the incorporation process. Similarly, it not valid one for the name registering purpose of a start-up company. Much less than three day of working period the Digital Signature processes will be completed. Incorporation is the legal procedure.


For instance, it acts as the digital key to secure and validate the unique signature identity of the partners in the new start-up companies. It is one of the crucial certificates which contain all the basic details. Instantly, this certificate holds the details of the director’s name, mail address, Pin code and other certified details.

Digital Signature Certificate is complying with three classes as per the use of the individual and other personnel. However, Class-2 category is applicable for the start-up directors or partners of the Private Limited Company. At the time of Income Tax auditing they submit their accounts records along with this Digital Signature Certificate. The start-up Company is applying its GST as a proof of this DSC.


An Individual can hold more than one DSC for both business and personal purpose. It is considered as a one of the valuable proofs which stand as a proof before the legalities of law. Above all, this certification issued from the e-mudra. The controller of the Digital Certificate issue functioning upon the norms of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It has the validity. So, check time to time and renew it for further business use.

 What is SPICe form?

It is the form which extensively used for Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically. This form comprises all the multiple approvals during the incorporation process. The Multiple approvals including:

  • Company name endorsement
  • Incorporation process of a Company
  • Getting DIN number
  • PAN and TAN number

In applying through SPICe form the fastest way of incorporation for a start-up company completed within 3 to 4 hours of time period.

Why Start-up companies prefer Private Limited Companies?

First of all, the start-up private Limited entity comes with the benefit of “Separate Legal Entity”. This means at any rate the company can own the legal properties and borrow debts. The company has the jurisdictional rights. Moreover, the company enjoy its name in all legal duties. Besides the individual persons of the company never offend the debts and money oriented issues by spend their own assets. Permanent Existence is one the eager quality comes with this Private Limited Company. The positions and other partners’ removal or new joining never affect the company. They may be dismay or other legality issue it does not affect the successful running of a new start-up.



Under those circumstances the Private Limited Company enjoys many benefits let see the other part of benefits in upcoming blog. In the hope that, the above mentioned details are must be a helpful one for the start-up owners. Before, entering to start-up a new company kindly consult the experts who are in the field of filing. The deep knowledge and up to date familiarity will ease the registration work. Those are looking for the legal guidance and formalities needed for the Private Company Initiation.

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