company act 2014

Companies capable of being registered under the act

Companies capable of being registered (1) The function of this section, the word “Company” consist of any partnership firm, cooperative society, any other business entity companies, limited liability partnership or society . This is registered under any other decree for the time being in force. Under this section that applies for registration. (2)In this section contained with subject and exemptions to the provisions. If any company is registered with the commencement of this act. Whether it may be before or…

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prospectus or statement in lieuof prospectus

prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus

prospectus or statement in behalf of prospectus (1)A company is becoming a private limited company. The company is modification their objects in such way of prospectus. Which has not included the provisions. Under the section (3) are required to include a company. The objects are modified in a company. (i)The date of modification is discontinue as to be a private limited company. (ii)The company has only thirty days is given on the date. Under the sub-section (2) is specified the…

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alter articles of association of your producer company

Private limited company changed to public limited company effect on suit

Private limited company changed to public limited company effect on suit Where a private limited company has been converted into a public limited company. The legal proceedings instituted by its former name. It can be continued with its new company name. The section 43 has the rules to convert these companies. The section (43) (A) of the companies act provides in the provisions of section (23). It is applied to change the company name under sub-section (2). It applies to…

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Wish to convert an LLP

The Power to despense with limited in name of charitable trust or other company

Power to distribute with Limited in name of other company (1)It is tested to the power contentment of the government that a company. (a) is to be designed as a limited company for developing science, commerce, charity or art or any other useful substance. (b)The plan to register of its profits. An income is improving for its substance. The payment of any gains its members to proscribe.The government may direct by license of the corporation. It makes registration as a…

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Company Incorporation of asset management

The company incorporation of asset management

Company incorporation of asset management SEBI guidelines of mutual funds provide that the sponsor of mutual fund. If the trust deed so authorise the trustee shall appoint an asset management company incorporation. It can be approved by SEBI. To manage the affairs of the mutual fund and conduct. They can operate with the scheme of such fund in a registration company. The assignation (AMC) of asset management company can be eliminated by the majority of trustees. Which has seventy percent…

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