The meaning of a company and its kinds

Meaning of  a company The word company is derived from Latin. It denotes a band of persons with the effect of registration. The registration under the act is that such a group becomes a corporate body. It has continuous succession and a common seal. The meaning of registration is defined under this act. In the case of a company act 1956 facts. A company formed and registered in the companies act 1956. A company is registered and formed from an…

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Wish to convert an LLP

The company name under the section 20 of the companies act 1956

Company name under the act The name of a company as pointed out earlier under the section 20 of the companies act 1956. The company name is subject to the restrictions under this act 1956. The emblems and names are prevention of improper use under the act 1950. The guiding principles in this relation of the department of company law administration. Afterwards a company may change their registration name of a company. This change of its directly under the head.…

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