appoint a director or his relative to your company

 appoint a director or his relative and so on. to an workplace or place of profit to your employer or its subsidiary or its accomplice organisation? 1.check if the character, being proposed to be appoint to any office or vicinity ofprofit carrying a total month-to-month remuneration of  lakh fifty thousand rupees or more [Rule 15(3) of the Companies (Meetings of Board and its Powers) Rules, 2014′] is con-nected with a director in any of the methods referred to in 2.Convene a Board…

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appoint addditional

appoint additional director to your company

appoint additional director to your company by the following procedure The articles of a corporation may additionally confer on its Board of administrators the strength to employ any man or woman, aside from someone who fails to get appointed as a director in a widespread meeting, as an additional director at any time. An additional director shall preserve office as much as the date of the subsequent AGM or the ultimate date on which the AGM must were held, whichever…

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member of its holding company

member of its holding company Note that a subsidiary company is prohibited from becoming a member of its own holding company.also note that if by in advance ,the subsidiary company has been allotted shares by its holding company,such allotment will be totally void. If you want to make your company subsidiary ,a member or share holder of its holding company ,have to do the following a)Make your subsidiary company to hold shares in its holding company in trust for any…

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powers of managers and directors of a company

powers of managers and directors of  a company 1)The management  of the business and affairs of the corporate shall be unconditional within the administrators World Health Organization might exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things is also excercised or done by the corporate and aren’t by the act expressly directed by the corporate normally meeting,provided that no regulation thus created shall invalidate any previous act of the administrators which might are valid if such regulation has…

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Form and contents of articles of association of a company

form and contents of article of association of a company. A ll private companies are required to have a article of association registered with registrar.the article of association of a private limited company should company contains  prohibitions,limitations and restrictions  specified in the section of companies act, A private limited company is required to have below provisions: it restricts the right to share, only 50 members are limited, prohibits the invitation to any public to subscribe for share in or debentures…

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