Importance of ISO Certification and its role in the business world

ISO Certification and its importance in the business world:

“ISO registration is one of the important certification applied to all the service and manufacturing business. It is a common one to all the business which notifies the standard level of the company products. This ISO certification openly announces that it is a safety and trustworthy product to use and consuming purposes”.

 Importance of ISO Certification and its role in the business world

ISO registration is one of the important certification applied to all the service and manufacturing business. It is a common one to all the business which notifies the standard level of the company products. This ISO certification openly announces that it is a safety and trustworthy product to use and consuming purposes. The ISO certificate played important role in the worldwide market. It easily comes in the high outlook than those products do not have this certification. It helps to enable the genuine trading. All of them need not this certificate but the individual who wants to show the expert quality of product or service can be utilize this certificate. It is one of the business wealth to lead your long-lasting progress.ISO certificate comes with its superiority of principles with certain period of time it must be update if you add any other feature in your business. This ISO organization just frames the standard and not issues the ISO certificates directly to the applied company or business entity.

The External certificate issuing bodies will produce your ISO certification. More than 20.000 varied standard rules are framed on the service and product which comes under the business oriented process. It easy to identify a company has its ISO certification by its advertisement. If they have the certificate they have to mention which type of certificate they attained. The plain mentioning of ISO certificate may mislead the customer and sometimes, it may be an unauthorised ISO certificate. So, if you give hope to your customer clearly mention your area of certification.

The common types of ISO certificate:

ISO certification is always a predominant one for every businessman but which type of certificate is good for their business should analyse and consult the senior members of their business board. Some of the listed certificates are:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 22000: Food and Safety Management
  • ISO 31000: Risk Management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
  • ISO 1002: Complaint Management System
  • ISO 26000: Social responsibility

ISO Objectives:

The technical committee in the ISO team is having the right to frame the norms and standards to the ISO certification. The well versed people around the world are containing as the group and discuss the new rules. So, no doubt that the company or business organisation which acquired such certificate can impress and satisfy the customer needs. The experts appointed to make such rules to each individual company can improve their quality and reduce the hazard to the Consumers.  The getting of ISO condition is an easy one.

Yes, it is a common one and the public group involvement is one of the key factors for the standard of the ISO body. The people from NGO, business representatives, various technical groups and Consumer committee also paid their contribution for draw efficient rules for the good running of business. There is no doubt about the norms and principles, because they did not result in any controversial situations. Most of the cases the rules prevent the hazards in the technical development which involves with the working people. It concentrated on the various sections to prevent the technical faults.

iso 9001 certification training programs

ISO 9000: (Quality Management System)

It is a common and efficient standard for the quality management system of an industry or business organisation. It not framed for the specific type of industry or Private limited or Public limited companies. So, surely it will apply to all the industries regardless of its size and situated country. It is a basic level of certification which assures the wellness of its quality product. To analyse the customer needs they make the regular requirement and continual improvements of the business group show as an assurance by this certificate. This certification is not allowed to issue to the individual group or Organisation.

The values of quality management system of ISO 9000:

  • They give high priority to the customer right now uses and their expectation.
  • Planned the future improvements to stay unbeatable product standard in the world
  • Sense the level of customer satisfaction and drawback of the quality.
  • In the Industry wise, assign the tough goals to meet the successful vision and mission of the industry.
  • Make out as a trustful source in the market.
  • Value the hard work and empowering quality of the employee in the organisation or business organisation.

ISO 9001:

To consider the small organisation and individual group the ISO 9001 standard framed to fix certain level of Quality test for the individual concern. It can be applied to any company or business organisation. But carefully note this it is not about the product but only the quality of the product. It is not certified by the individual. The skilled person in the field checks  and conduct the training course on the quality of the product then only allowed the over view of the third party companies. If you show the positive requirement of your product to the auditor who over view the quality condition, then you got ISO certificate with the certain days of time approval. It is valid only three years of period then again the same procedure followed without any renewal method.

 Importance of ISO 9001:2015

It is an improvised version of ISO certification and currently using standard for the quality management system. It is a method analyse the structure and responsibility of the quality conditions more needed for the management. It is world’s leading management system followed more than 170 countries around the world. This new standard form added with some necessary clauses. In this certification they keenly focus on the risk management factors in the quality of the product or service. This certification permits the product to be cost wise valuable one. The original product places its own crown among its competitors. It stands alone by its use and reliability. The loyalty in quality earns many customers and increases their frequent visit for their product or service. They themselves work hard to improve their next level of business.

Food and Safety Management: ISO 22000

Food and Safety Management categorised under the ISO 22000. The growing hazards on the unsafe food paved way for acquire valid certification on the virtuous food business. The trade on food developed a lot now and it cross the borders and gaining its name. It aimed all business organisation and the supply chains without the consideration its high level or lower level position in the business market. The effective way of food and safety oriented principles are followed to acquire the effective ISO certificate. The combining of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) also analysed to get the ISO certification. This common certification comes with lot of sub groups entitled as:

ISO 22001 :

It is a sub division concentrates on the food safety from the manufacturing to the supply in the transport.

ISO 22002:

It analyse the complex involvement and situations and handle in the food processing procedure. It analyse the allotted work space and the offering facilities for the employees all are considered with care. It is a Food Safety Management System equally valued to the quality management certification food processing unit is totally different one from other Private limited companies or other public sectors so it needs more care and follow strict rules to prevent the hazards in the food management areas. To increase the potential growth of the company especially in food chain it need more conscious efforts and must follow all the rules in the ISO norm.


Processing, storage, manufacturing and distribution all section need the healthy environment. It also involve with the auditor who can check the overall maintain of the food processing unit. This ISO certification is valid only for three years of time. It is a common certification needed for the departments and business sectors who all are involve with the food processing and its distribution function. It concentrates on the field to it formed as a food form reached the consumers in many ways. All the indirect and direct ways like farming, storing, manufacturing, processing, packaging, transport, retailing all are keenly observed and followed with certain stable rules with more sub sections.

 ISO 31000: (Risk Management)

Every business organization and Industry handles the Risk factors it may happen unpredictable. For well performance of business, expand the product growth and avoiding bad reputation all the industries could apply for the ISO certification. It is one of the effective ways to protect the huge loss in the business world. It is a common question and doubt that what type of Industries need such certification? All modes of business entities regardless of private limited companies and Public limited companies can acquire this certificate. This certification assures that the working place free from threats and dangers. Every business concern must know their difficulty and risk which they should face and dare to face them by skilful decision making principles.

The submission of ISO 31000:2018

At the time of submitting for the Risk Management ISO certification, the submitting business organization must explain their risks or events and unavoidable consequences which may occur must simply, clearly set down in the simple language in the form of report. It made great evolutional impact on the business organisations. ISO Certification of ISO 31000:2018 required three days training and tests based on the risk management standard. Both the test and training applicable for every public and private limited company sector without its size and employees.

The purpose of ISO 31000:2018

  • Familiar with the principles and rules of the risk management attached in the ISO 31000:2018.
  • It comes with more advantages it is a valuable certification many business board understood it importance and more than 45 countries followed such certification.
  • Risk means not only external factors like natural disaster; it also comes from the internal factors like economic crisis, accidents, market fall down and planning failure in the business all are comes into the same roof.
  • Every business comes with unique nature as same the risk factors also varied from business to business.

A binder labeled "risk management" on a desk.

Environmental management System: ISO 14001

All the companies involves with manufacturing, trade, industry or service based companies can apply for the certification of ISO 14001. This ISO standard prove that the running business company or industry not make any harm and pollution to the situated environment. This certification mainly announced to create the awareness among the industrialist and business people. They mainly advised to reduce the wastages from their product and globally protect the environmental wealth.

This Environmental management system impacts certain level of business control on the natural environment. It always create the minimize usage of environmental products for their business purpose. It offers the fine guidelines and its ways to protect the environmental management. They examine the entire tool which are used in the business, Industry or trade in the notion that if they can make any harm to the surrounding environment.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification Company


What is ISO 14001: 2015?

Every ISO certification standards comes with certain revisions and modifications. In the same way, The Environmental Management System comes with the three years as the changeover period for the following edition of the rules. One if the main aspects of EMS established to avoid reduce the use of toxic materials, establishes the recycle activities on the product. The green hose effects and the attempt of reducing global warming are resulted in the origin of ISO 14001:2015.

By maintaining all the norms and rules related to the Environmental Management Systems in a business or Industry can enjoy the fruitfulness in the economical way. If they ready to proceeds the same business across their national boundary, this certification eliminates the multiple registration procedures and other certificates. This certification also purposeful one in the crucial time to avoid trade barriers this mandatorily followed in the business market.

The Advantages of ISO 14001:2015

  • Manage the environmental risk factors related to the business or Industry.
  • Follow the Intra-national rules and norms which applied on the environment.
  • The Individual or Business person can show their ECO- friendly responsibility.
  • It is one of the factor specially distinguish them by their environmental activity compared with their competitors.
  • By applying this certification you can easily reduce the cost in Insurance covering.
  • Give hope and safe to the employees who are working in the protected environment.

Compliant Management System: ISO 10002

In the business world, the growing company wants to attain their success by the good books of customer satisfaction. For this purpose a good Industry or business entity can sustain their position in the market. To applying complaint management system in the individual entity can improve the own day to day progress. The handling of compliant may show case their defects and immediate response on the issue may cleared easily.

But this particular sector is not followed properly. In the initial stage, the growing company take care on such issue once they succeed in the market they completely not care on this issue. So, ISO analyse this problem and formulate certain rules for this Compliant Management System. This system may help to bridge a good relationship between the seller and customer. The business companies or Industries who are connected with the management System must follow the Inter mingling section of Compliant Management System.


The benefits of ISO 10002:

The benefits of ISO 10002 applied in the public, private and NGO’s or other volunteer sectors all are come into the Compliant Management System without considering it size, national geography.

It easily increases the Customer satisfaction. By responding to the customer, they can directly make the good business relationship.

By implementing this certification the Industry can gain more power and trust among the customers.

It is a new space concentrate on own problem making issue without any third party intervention.

It is one of the transparent systems between the seller and buyer.

It easy to know the company’s vision and mission if they efficiently followed or not can easily audited by the Individual authorised person.

By reviewing the business company add their creditability in the market. And they easily over com the common faults and errors felt by the common customer.

The continuous improvisation on the particular product can stand as a brand in the global market.

It leads to the continuous growth of business improvement.

ISO 26000 Social responsibility:

This certification of ISO 26000 is a common one to apply on all the public, not profit sectors and Private limited companies. This  rule wants to improve the individual from all working people to show and improve their social responsibility rights. Why it is a must for a company? It can easily add the good reputation on your business concern and publicly displayed that the concern followed the moral and ethical principles in every sectors of their business. This norm of ISO launched on 2010 with varied arguments and ideas given from the representatives from all places in the world.

Finally 500 members selected as a group to discuss and fixed the norms in the ISO certification. This certification planned to set the working place without any partial and making a harmony for their working place with social equity. It is not intend for compulsory certification and particularly, ISO 26000 not comes with certain frame of rules and norms. It is in the form of guidance with 7 clauses. Each clause does note business form and structure and which they can apply for the social responsibility and its right for all.

The Use of ISO 26000:

Great reputation Of ISO certification gaining in the social welfare name and add easily notable for its social welfare activities.

Easily, the Individual who attains this certificate can gain popularity among the social welfare association, business peers and social media.

It not comes under particular auditing and special certification.

It comes with the core topics including consumer issues, the development on involvement of the particular social group, organization principles, the manner of operating business, labour rights and human values are the main subjects followed in the ISO 26000.

Organization behaviour:

The strategy, goals of the company planned follow for their improvement, how the decision implementing on the business growth without offending the humanity. It also certain right and responsibility related to the business growth.

Human rights:

Human right is a separate sector comes with the respect of all the people who involved with the positions like Investors, supports, board members, employees, customers, government oriented organisational group members who all are relating to the company can enjoy the human rights in the rightful way.

Labour rights:

While operating a good business labours are having the core importance and essential for the business ideas which applied by the power of labour unity. So, the well treating of customers are inevitable one in the good business progress. The business management must care the policies which offered for the employees in the name of safety environment for working, health related issued and insurance, appointing, training, promotions, bonuses all are taken into the account of labour rights.

Consumer Welfare:

The service and product oriented transparent policies can easily attract the  consumers. Other than this special care on customer support, protecting their personal and privacy data by using higher end technologies can easily attract the customer more it resolves the legal problems. It announces the importance that you are dealing the fair business marketing in the market.

The General guidelines for choosing ISO certification:

The development of ISO started only for the well growth of individual business and also the consumers also get satisfied the product. The moral way of business running is gaining importance around the world, it is the main cause for the success of ISO. So, the committee members of ISO meticulously analyse the all hazard and important section in the business growth and made the world wide certification.

It can easily make the trust worthy label on the brand of the product. The business wise they can gain more consumers for their valid product. It is an international recognition the product or service which qualified with all the terms and norms of the ISO can sell their product and do their services beyond their native countries.

Thanks for your reading! I hope this blog will help to you know the basic concepts and forms followed in the International Standard Organization (ISO) more rules and sections are followed in the global body ISO. Some other section will discuss on other part of the blog. Thanks for the basic guidelines offered by the service teams of Solubilis one of the fastest service providers on all company oriented registration in Coimbatore.