Ideas and norms commonly followed in Company registration

Ideas and norms commonly followed in Company registration:

Ideas and norms for the company registration is a basic thing, the every business initiators should follow. For lacking idea on such legality norms leads to many issues in the company registration. However, the people who dreams about their own business know the types of company registration but not clear about the purpose ideas. From the simple business idea to huge MNC companies all are common to register their company registration in their idea of business mode. Of course, the company registration lies with more documentation and the idea on the business and their profit and loss calculation varies from the business to business.

Ideas and norms commonly followed in Company registration

As well as business idea is not an easy thing. Certainly, it comes with lot of management before and after its registration. After the Company registration, the running of business and the proofs of business running involve with many things. Hence, to prove the legal business running many concepts and ideas legally framed by the amendments of Indian law. Let’s have the clear view on the Company registration ideas.

Idea of gathering the documents:

Earlier stage, of the business idea requires common business documents. Accordingly, these documents are applicable for all the mode of business. DIN is the primary source for the business persons who are in the idea of starting business. Otherwise, Director Identification Number is the base for all business This DIN number directly issuing from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Yet this is one of the main documents need for the company registration. Incidentally, it is one of the legal proves for the individual person is the existing director of a firm.


If the individual who want continue in the business anymore he can cancel the DIN. At the same time, the person who wants join the other concern the single DIN is valid one. Moreover, He never needs the new DIN for other business. The idea of applying of DIN takes nearly 30 days. Additionally, from the applying to until the correction completion the various forms involving in the idea of DIN registration.

Ideas on Applying DSC for new company:   

Meanwhile, Digital signature certificate applying is another idea recommending the process of company registration. The rapid development of technology helps the business modes in the way of easy one. As a result, many online company registrations come in these days. Above all, DSC considers as the electronic document. The idea of DSC helps to identify the right and original document of the business personnel. Chiefly, it reduces the time and outdated way of signing, stamping and documenting. Simply, the idea of Digital Signature resolves the fake of physical sign, if any occur it will easily analyse one from the digital signature.

The idea of Reserve Unique Name (RUN):

Subsequently, acquiring the unique name is the primary task and idea for the new business. The name may suffix with private limited or other mode of business. Exclusively, the name reservation is one of the important features in the company registration process. For applying these documents takes more than twenty days from the date of giving approval. For Instance this document is not stand only for the purpose of new name reservation. In case, the existing company which in the idea to change their existing name. Though this process in the company registration is takes up to 60 days from the approval giving from the government. As usual, the above mentioned all legal company proceedings comes with the ideas and norms of the Company Act.


Drafting of Article of Association and Memorandum of Association:

In company registration, the Article of Association drafting is the legal one. Identically, this document clears out the idea and functionalities of the business concern. Together with the purpose of the business activity and the business tasks which are handling in the concern are keenly describing in the documentation. Simultaneously, it is also engaging with the other business primary ideas activities on the business. Likewise, the process following in the appointing of directors, and handling, in charging on the financial records all are mentioned in the Article of Association in the company registration. As a rule, it is the noticing as a horoscope of a business concern.

The common ideas in the Memorandum of Association:

On the whole, the business people, who are eager to apply with the idea of MOA, must know the vitality of this business document. The idea of the document, complies with the fundamental conditions which are applicable in the long running of business. Afterward, the full objectives of the company come in this article form. It is one of the crucial elements which describe the applicable and inapplicable concepts drafting on the company registration. The clear and legal ideas on this article will be helpful one for the upcoming and future well-being of the business concern. In the initiation period, the company limitation ideas are describing in this legal document. Incidentally, these papers accommodate with the physical location of the business company, the authority people and their role oriented ideas fixing through this documentation.


The importance of SPIC e-form:

The main idea of ease the company incorporation procedure the Ministry of Corporate Affairs offering the company incorporation procedure can complete with single day. By applying through the SPICE, many incorporation forms reduced to ease the process in company registration. The business people run a company not more than 15 members and some people who are lacking DIN also applicable are allowed in their business incorporation. For the idea on obtaining the incorporation certificate must need the MOA and AOA documents. Apart from these things, DIN of every directors and DSC of the directors are also taking in the main account.

Beyond all the above mentioned details are submitting without error will easily gain the government certification without any legal issue. If they make up with any error, surely the company registration processes may get late.

The various types of company in the business world:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability partnership
  • Small and Medium size enterprises
  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company

Sole Proprietorship:

Primarily, Sole proprietorship not requires any formal registration of company. Thus, the name indicating, the sole proprietor business concern handling under the single person. It is not a distinct legal entity. This idea of the company registration is fixing with the unlimited lability.  However, unlimited liability can come with the legal right that if any case of debt acquire, the personal asset will be recoverable one. It is one of the major risks while handling the sole proprietorship company. In the idea of taxing procedures also comes with personal tax returns. The sole proprietorship are not out showing through any government tax registration. Particularly, the further owner of the sole proprietorship is deciding on the will after the demise of the sole proprietor business handling person. The paid up capital and invest are not restricting one.


One Person Company:

One person Company is the best idea in the individual proprietorship. In the One person Company registration, There is some similarities and dissimilarities comes along with the functional ideas of sole proprietorship. Usually, the OPC comes as the handling of the single business person. At the same time, he can appoint a nominee and directors for the business development. It is certainly advantage for the One Person Company. It is not prevailing in the Sole proprietorship. Limited Liability is another desirable idea comes in the company registration process.

The investment of the business is not restricting one. This means the company never tangle in the risk of personal asset recovering. Consequently, sum of amount separately plan to invest in the business company. It gains the identity as the legal identity. OPC comes with formal company registration processes. The annual tax filing is recording in the government gazettes.

Limited Liability Partnership:

To run a business company in the flexible mode, Limited liability is the good idea in the business world. It is the separate legal entity identification from the members of the business concern. In the time of Incorporation the registration number is offering as same as the limited liability company. There is no prescribing method following in the business investment and its volume. If they want to change the liability capacity is also applicable one in the company registration process. On this condition the natural person bears all the responsibilities.

From holding properties and contract agreements, business developing ideas and legal problems all are lay on the natural person of the company. Changing members in the company never affects the feature of the LLP. With the power of single member of LLP the company can run up to 6 months. If any fraudulent activity happens it never affects other people in the board.

Small and medium size enterprise:

Small and medium size enterprise a mode of company registration starts with the basic idea to promote the individual and small level of business in India. This idea of registration comes with the motto to develop the Indian economy. Many of the advantages come along with this Company registration. Micro, Small and medium level of business models are offering the people to develop their business. This company registration is come with easy way of registration both in the taxation and less documentation proceedings. The service and manufacturing category is requiring from 10 lakhs to 5crore the business extension applicable in the Small and medium size enterprise registration.

Comparing with other business models and ideas, this company registration is taking small level of proofs as their documents and the registration process also an easy one. If the turn over exceeds the limit, the company must not change into other model like Private Limited Company. The small medium and micro categories are only following idea in this business type. Moreover it is one of the drawback comes in the SME sectors in India.

 The idea on starting partnership firm:

Starting of a Partnership firm comes with the idea of joining more persons in this business structure. To run the business in long way and the share the limitations of the business the partners agree with certain terms and norms. This idea of secreting the business condition is known as the Partnership deed in the company registration time.

The objectives and ideas in the partnership deed:

  • The ways of sharing the profit
  • Circumstances to manage the loss if any occur.
  • Mentioning the profit ratio at the time of completion on their turnover is finding only in it.
  • Every partner must be engage in this business.

These are the general ideas following in this partnership concern as per the Company Act. The partnership extends its part wing to public limited, private limited and other NGO starting in the welfare of the common people. Acceptance and joining of the partner members are varying from the business to business.

Private Limited Company registration:

The minimum of two people are requiring to starts a private Limited Company. The maximum members are not exceeds more than 200 persons in number. Limited Liability can be applicable to all the partners in the business firm. Private Limited Company also comes under the category of the legal entity. The taxation and accounts relating records all are overview through the government records. In the submission of Memorandum of association never ignore the idea that it is a Private Limited Company. It should be keenly mention in this document at the time of Company registration process.

Proofs submission:

In spite of the business nature, the private Limited company, not allow to sell their shares directly to the public. The minimum amount of one lakh is requires as the minimum capital in the Private Limited Company. The using of the common seal or partnership is admitting as per the convenience of the company. PAN Card. Voter Card, driving license, Aadhar card and address proof of each individual need to submit in the Private Limited Company registration.

In short, private Limited company registration document little bit huge than limited Liability Partnership company.If one of the partners, who comes in the category of NRI they must submit their passport as their identity proof. Moreover, other directors can be NRIs but a single person of the must be an Indian. He should resides in India is the legal requiring idea fixed by the Companies Act.


Public Limited Company registration:

Public Limited Company registration is one of the crucial modes of business slightly varied from the Private Limited Company. Through this business structure, a public Limited company can trade, offering stock, loan and other way of business engagement directly to the public.  Limited Liability is the central feature applicable one in the Public Limited Company registration. If any fraudulent activity happens the public may approach the help of law. Contrast, it is not applicable for the board members in the company.

May, the Limited liability acts as the shield to the business type. Moreover any other illegal activity indulges the partner or member of the board responsible for such criminal activities. Comparing with other business types the shareholder enjoys the secure position in the public limited registration. In the volume of growth, Public Limited Company is having its upper hand. Obviously, the public Limited Company functions with many legal idea and pressure emphasis is little bit high. The taxation managing and structuring the idea on the business company all are really tough one in the type of businesses.

NGO or other society initiation Idea:

Surely, NGO and other society relating charity registration are completely varying idea than other types of businesses. To start a NGO, clear to note that, it not has the idea, similar like other commercial business approach. The more and enough money is not the central quality need for such company registration. The Philanthropic idea to help other is the central feature of the NGO running. The associative people, in the chamber also ready to support the philanthropic activities.Concisely, other than social activities, promotion of any art, science, culture and environment protection relating ideas are also be the objectives in the Company registration process.

Concept of NGO:

However, these kind of registering license directly issuing from the central government. Before applying to the registration, make sure the all the details are keenly mentioning in it. If any error occurs, the central have the right to alter all these conditions. On the basic condition, people who are eager to start this NGO related well fare association; one of the persons from the group must be an Indian.Meanwhile, to start these perfect vision and mission should be ready before the registration process. Beyond all these the purpose and goals are need to set. The particular section or art is mentioning in the registration objective and ongoing works are the plus in the registration time.

The process of registration:

Further, similar to the above mentioning registration, this also same one. Memorandum association, Article of Association are need to submit. The basic details of the board members and foreign NRI details are also gaining importance in the society registration. Later,the main objective of these society or organisation underline as the non-profit association. The group of people in the association never enjoy the personal profit on it. Association, Foundation, Society, and Charities are the common names must in the company registration. If the NRI who eager to be the part of the society he at least stay six months in India

The benefits of the NGO Company:

  • Tax exemption is the main idea and advantage enjoy through the trust.
  • However,iIt never requires the mode of association of people. It means the people from India can be the members without regarding their states.
  • The income of the society or charitable trust spent only for the development and ideas mentioning in the company registration
  • First of all, the found collections are legally allowing in the society registration.
  • Renewable of members of the board and principle are modifiable one.


Right now, online Company registration is one of the swift ways to complete the Company registration procedures. Hope this blog and its idea all are helpful one for the people who are eager to know the functionalities of Company registration. Solubilis, one of the best service providers are on company relating registration in Coimbatore. More than that, their wings are extending to Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin with expertise faculty. Thanks the team for giving keen idea on the company registration.





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