Services of Company Secretarial in a Company formation

 Services of Company Secretarial in a Company formation :

Secretarial services in a company is important one while initiate a new company registration. Company secretary will assist their client about the basic regulation and documents which are need for the company registration process. Before registering a company upcoming overall ideas will helpful one for the new business beginners. It is the mandatory duty to the company secretary to keenly guide the procedures and deadlines on the company registration process.

Services of Company Secretarial in a Company formation


Here, company secretarial services of a company maintain every nook and corner of documents and details. These are horoscope of the company and these documents are officially announces all rights, shares and liability allotted for every member in the company. Let’s see the essential duties of the company secretarial service.

 Services and duty process of the secretarial service:

Primary duty of the company secretarial services starts with maintaining all the statutory records and registers relating to the company.

  • It must be check and verify time to time to ensure the accuracy
  • Govern the important filing which are relating to the operation of a company
  • Annual board meetings and general meetings and their purposes, if any resolution passing they would hold as a record
  • Updates, modification, minute books and other statutory records and their safe keeping all are lies under this company secretarial service
  • Preparing important resolution notice and provide it to all directors
  • Maintain and submit the annual tax records to the board meetings
  • Protection of the company seal
  • If any changes and modification occur on the company they will guide and suggest the requirements
  • Taking control on dissolution and set-up new initiations on the company.



Company incorporation process:

Though, the Incorporation process following in the company registration services is acquiring the crucial part. This incorporation process decides the structure of the company. This budding company has to follow the prescribing laws and liabilities under its jurisdiction. From the name choosing, total directors of the members in the business, share capital all are deciding the types of company. Each types of company following variety of norms under the Indian law according to Companies Act, 2013.

Generally, One Person Company registration (OPC) is handling and takes care by the single individual. If the business person wishes, he may appoint directors and other members. But all the legal right and responsibility lies on the hand of registering name of the natural person. In the incorporation process and its certificate specify a single person as their owner of the company.

Service of Company Secretarial for Private Limited Company:

Certainly, Private Limited company incorporation is one of the most convenient ways to start a business in India. Comparing with One Person Company, it comes with lot of procedures and documentation need to registering as a private limited Company. Suppose, turnover or capital of OPC increases from amendments and its act, it directly shift to Private Limited Concern. Obviously, Private Limited concern need directors to starts their business.


Preparing individual directors DIN number, Memorandum of Association, Article of association and share allotment all the important decision are taking care under this Company secretarial service. More than physical setup of business, the back end works all are notify via an appointed company secretary. Moreover, if any sub division on share, dismiss a director, appoint director to until Auditor all are comes into the company secretarial service.

Service Company Secretarial  for Public Limited Company:

For instance, Public limited Company is one of the huge forms in the structure of company registration procedure. From the board members to until the share capital all are in a high level to initiate a public limited Company. Main advantage of this company, it can easily sell their shares directly to public. Moreover, same formula is following the documentation of Public Limited Company. Subsequently, it is tough task manage the additional services in the public Limited company.

Firstly, Public Limited Company comes with lot of alteration and modification. Every annual meeting is needs to submit the all process occurs in the previous year. All board members and their capital share current share level all are submit without any bias. Besides, we all know that the limitation of the board members nearly 200. If they are need extension it also applicable.


Company secretarial purpose:

Purpose of the company secretarial service is mandatory one to maintain flawless company records. Like, huge corporate sectors often modifying their structure and entering and exiting directors Shareholders and board members are common issue. Company secretary follow certain important norms on such complex situation. Individual director’s report is the crucial task and processing their share capital always an essential task. Public Limited and Private Limited Companies are always functioning with partnership.

To make a collision free business running appointing such company secretary is the best decision. Dividing shares are coming into the next level. Company secretarial details and documents are also connecting with Company auditor. Now, the new implementation of GST and regular filing of sales Tax and service tax all are basing on the secretarial documents.


Importance of Company secretary:

Company secretarial service is always come with lot of pressures. Surely, a huge business corporate appoint group of Company secretaries to maintain the legal records. Busy schedule of business and their promotion not allow Shareholders to govern the auditing and modifications of legal procedures. So, government and amendments of law require the mandatory records of Board meetings. It is a fine opportunity to revise and understand the company secretarial services.

Business personnel need to allot specific time schedule. Then only they come to know the business progress in the legal way. Lawful way always helps the company to rescue at the risk situation. Try to follow all the legal amendments relating to the company secretary service. Both lawyers, Company secretariats all are having upper hand in the Company secretarial service.





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