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Corrections and Amendments – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Corrections and amendments: – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore The registrar may think at any time with such terms, whether before or after the acceptance of an application for the trademark registration as per the section 18, which permits the corrections of any error in or having a connection with the application or permit the amendment of an application: Provided that if an amendments or corrections are made to a single application referred to in sub-section(2) of section 18 involving the decision…

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Commencement of Business and the Prospectus of a company

 Here, we are going to discuss the commencement of business and the prospectus of a company. Have your eye on this to know some interesting facts related to business. Commencement of Business: A Private Company and a company having no share capital can commence business immediately after incorporation. A public company is required to apply for and obtain a certificate of commencement of business from the registrar of companies before it can do any business or exercise any borrowing powers.…

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Do you want to know the conversion from a Private company into an LLP?

Let’s have a look at the concept of conversion from a Private Company into a Limited Liability Partnership in the simplest way.Here, we are going to discuss the process of conversion. Before discussing the process, let me tell you the advantages when we do the conversion of a company into an LLP: Conversion of a Private Company into the “Limited Liability Partnership” Advantages of LLP: The Limited Liability Partnership concept arrived mainly for the benefits of entrepreneurs. Lower the compliance…

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Conversion of private company into opc

Conversion of private company into one person company

The private limited company into one person company has the following rules for their conversion. Conversion of private company into one person company Your paid up capital is rupees 50 lakhs or less Your average annual turnover during the relevant period is Rs. Two crore or less. You can convert yourself into a one person company. (Rules 6 of the (incorporation) companies  rules, 2014. For the above section ” relevant period” shall mean the period instantly preceding three consecutive financial…

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