LLP registration

Incorporation procedure of Limited Liability Partnership

Incorporation documents and the step by step procedure are going to be discussed here in detail. To incorporate a limited liability partnership A lawful business, which has been carried by two or more persons need to subscribe their names in the incorporation document. The incorporation document shall be filed in such manner and with such fees, as may be prescribed with the registrar of the state in which the registered office of the limited liability partnership is to be situated;…

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Guidelines for selecting a name for the LLP for making the application to registrar – Solubilis

Here, we have listed the important guidelines of LLP which will be so useful when you starting up the registration process. I hope this article will helps you out to the people who are aspiring to take Limited Liability Partnership. Guidelines for selecting a name for the LLP: Every LLP shall have the words “Limited Liability Partnership” or the acronym “LLP” as the last words of its name. No LLP can be registered by name which, in the opinion of…

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Compromise or Arrangement of Limited Liability Partnerships

Here, we are going to see compromise or arrangement which is to be made in LLP. There are some procedures and the concepts behind LLP. Where a compromise or arrangement is projected Between a LLP and to creditors; or Between a LLP and its partners.The court may, on the application of the LLP or of any creditors or partner of the LLP or, in the case of a LLP that is being wound up, can order the meeting with the partners or liquidators as the case could also be, called, control and conducted…

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