copyright registration

What are the rights can be protected by copyright registration?

What are the rights can be protected through copyright registration are going to be discussed here. Keep your eyes on this article to know some relevant information about the copyrights. If copyright protection has been applied rigidly, then it could help for the progress of the society. Copyright laws are with necessary exceptions and limitations to ensure that the balance is maintained between the interests of the creators and the community. To strike the viable and the appropriate balance between…

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All you need to know about copyright registration

Copyright is a right which is given by the law to the creators of music, artistic works, literary, dramatic works, producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings. It is like a bundle of rights includes rights of reproduction, inter alia, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of work. Depending on the work, there could be a slight variation in the composition of rights.   It ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of the authors over their creations which…

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